A friend once asked me why I seem to have this wealth of knowledge. Why I seem to be so smart. I would venture a guess that these links have a lot to do with it. The operative phrase here being "seem to be".

I used to have this ugly humongo link list on the left there. And as big as it is I keep wanting to add more (kinda like my bookmark habit, see below). So instead of making much more of a mess over there, I've decided to create a links page instead. It'd be kinda like a bunch of link-type blog posts mashed up together, only this time describing a bunch of links at the same time.

To keep things easy on the eyes, I've divided this links section into several categories. They are either in alphabetical order or some arbitrary psychological order I choose to impose upon you (your guess as good as mine). Generally they'll mostly be blogs (slipping the occasional website or two here and there), guessing that if you wanted a comprehensive guide to the Web you'd be better off browsing About.com, Yahoo! Directory or the Open Directory Project. Or Googlewhacking at random. You do remember don't you that there are other search engines aside from Google? And I haven't even mentioned Microsoft's new MSN Search (which I heard is quite good actually). And of course there's also Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

If I'm actually excited enough about any link I list here I'll post an 80x15 blog-button linking to them on the main side section. Or make one for them if they don't have one. Or, if I really have to, any button the site happens to provide.

And another note: these pages are obviously still under development. I doubt they'd ever be done. Abandoned, perhaps, but not done.


So here goes...

*I do have some thoughts to review you guys linked at my sidebar; just gimme a second as I'm still experincing brain-freeze from converting my links section...

other stuffs

In adition, here's some links that are not quite really 'external,' but I'd like to keep them handy anyways...

And finally, here's my Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks file -- to repeat an old saying: I'm a packrat when it comes to hitting Ctrl-D, and I try to be systematic about it, but as you can see the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes I actually find the courage to delete an entry or two. Sometimes.

Currently its about 800kbytes. You have been warned.

See, I'm not so smart after all; I just spend waaay too much time online :p


a blogchalk is details about a personal (usually a personal) blog and its author. This not really a blogchalk in the technical sense of a search-engine attracting collection of meta-tags and keywords, but more a line by line description of who I am...

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If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

There. Do you get it?


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