Hang in there kids, I'm still cookin' in the kitchen. Meanwhile I've added a few tidbits to my Deviant Art.

And as an appetizer: I'm fine thank you. On how I'm doing, as I've mentioned on my tagboard my brother has taken away the modem again. Which as usual means the phone bill had gone nuclear again. Its kinda hard for me to blog without a net connection since I have a habit of crosschecking this and that every once in a while, and I'm constantly remided of something else I've read somewhere or such. And then there's the problem of my taking my blogging too seriously again. And also of refraining to blog simply because I thought someone else have said what I said and said it better, and other symptoms of blogging burnout. Kudos to Mr. Pierce; this is supposed to be my mind-Dumpster; I get to write anything here without caring a whit if it measures up to anyone's editorial standard. So there.

And a few words to friends:

Buat Meita dan Anash: kayanya lebih efektif kalo kalian Y!M-an aja deh atau email-emailan langsung; ngobrolnya bisa lebih panjang lebar dan dalam :p (Dan just to be clear kalo kalian masih mau ketemu via chatboard gue sih gue monggo-monggo aja; I don't mind). Dan lagi buat Anash: foto-fotonya bagus, applet-applet flash-nya lucu, thx. WePe, lol :)) Bilang-bilang ye kalo homepage-lu lu update lagi. Atau kalo lu bikin blog baru. Atau kalo lu udah tinggal diwisuda :). 'No, bilang-bilang ya kalo ada rencana mo ke kampus; I'm sure you can still salvage your S1-Reguler. (And don't forget that I can still help you professionally :p). Btw blog-nya si Anjing Balap di mana yah? Sayed: tabah yah (dalam konteks penggrebegan software bajakan di warnet); pake Fedora Core 3 aja, toko CD di samping stasiun UI jual koq. Atau pake Mandriva 2005 special edition, di kios deket Lambir pernah gue liat kayanya. DarmaNet sekarang pake FC1 FC3 (ternyata, tapi gosipnya mereka pengen beli XP asli buat semua kompienya), dan sekilas terasa lebih kenceng. Oh, juga jangan sampai lupa, gutlak buat Papabear Tedskih dan Mbah Hajir yang akan segera sidang skripsi...

Here's hoping that I'll get my Nokia 6585 + Starone Flatrate GPRS soon. Forumponsel r0x0rz!!!

I'm gonna write more whatever-things on my next post.

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I don't write intellectually. I write expressively. I don't claim to be accurate, fair or thorough. I don't wanna get stuck on certain topics. Though I sometimes do. But not that often. I'd like to expand. I wanna write more poems. But I'll only upload them if they're good. I only rant about my life's hardships if it will rescue just a little bit of my sanity. I'm saner than I make myself out to be, though.

If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

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