An ode to 3636

I get SMS spam from 3636. Its controlled by Satelindo, my cell phone operator. I think I can recall that I actually signed up to its announcement system to get an operator logo or something for my cell. I think I also signed up because it gives love advices or something. But its not a really big annoyance; sometime it can actually be funny. Take this one that I just received, translated from Indonesian for the benefit of our international audience (yes, I'm talking to both of you again:) ...

The first kiss is the important point which can change a male-female relationship forever. Escpecially if done after having eaten Petai beans*

*Petai (pictures here, tech info here.) is a type of beans which is a delicacy in some parts of Java and notorious for the awfull breath it induces on those who just ate some.

But one that I really appreciate receiving:

Confessing your love to him/her is certainly a difficult thing. But your feelings of love must be voiced, however you can. Either through words or through acts.

It came after March 6th last year. Very good advice, I would most certainly say.

And there's another one I received sometime after InterAd:

An unstable foundation for a relationship, such as based on superficial looks or appeals, is not good in the long term and may cause affairs. Because between you and him/her are two individuals which have not become one.

In other words, know someone before commiting to someone.

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