now you see it....

I went to the polls today [news.bbc.co.uk], but not to support a candidate. I went to support the fledgling electoral system, to support the fact that we can have choice, and that someday perhaps we as a society, as a nation, would use that choice with wisdom instead of with emotional whim.

Its not that I frown upon those who chose not to participate in the elections. An opinion that both candidates are not ideal is valid, though subjective, opinion. And if you choose to exercise that opinion by not voting then good for you. And you must admit that the winner this time received his/her victory from popular, emotional vote more than from any other political manuvering.

A more important issue in my mind is the goverment resultant from this election. Promises have been made, promises which should be kept. And each candidate has its weakness. If SBY should win, he would need popular support to maintain a stable administration, and we should beware his authoritarian tendencies. If Mega wins, we must closely watch the potential (or already present) oligarchy forming (or perhaps strengthening), and prepare actions as necessary.

And I do feel sorry that quite a few would still choose not to vote because they don't care and then goes off complaining that they live in a fucking shithole*. I mean Indonesia is definitely not one of the more better off nations, and sneering at the efforts of those who genuinely try to make a difference (albeit perhaps with various motives not necessarily humane) while not providing at least a suggested philosophical direction, a solution, is just... I don't know, why don't you emigrate to the US already?

Let me guess, because you can't afford to? Ever wondered how many people can't afford to move to Jakarta? Or even away from Jakarta back to their home village?

But I digress. I'm not really up for a debate right now. What I want to show you is these three pictures. Hence the title, now you see it...

Now you don't :)

And the murder weapon: vinnegar:) (oh and a little bit of dishwasher soap helped, too)

*postscript clarification: I respect the right not to care, but I consider people who claim they don't care and afterwards damn those who care, labeling them idiots, and putting down any effort they make, and then finally goes on to complain as though they cared, without even once showing how it should have been done, to be simply stupid narrowminded flamebaits who can't make up their minds.

Only those who would fight for their own freedom deserves to have their freedoms to be fought for.

Posted at 7:01:29 pm by ferdikom98

November 9, 2004   12:55 AM PST
Haha. Fery vunny. :p BTW nice blog:)
September 25, 2004   10:18 PM PDT
er ..... shouldn't it be 'vinegar' ?

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