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Speaking of which when I went to meet my graduation paper advisor, seeing that he was kinda like a bit of a Windows™ exclusive user (thus most likely a total Software Libré Luddite), I thought that he needed a primer on the concept of Free/Open Source Software. He would most certainly not appreciate being given a CD-ROM filled with my collection of hundreds of HTMLs and PDFs, not to mention a couple of books, so I figured I'd just have to give only the most representative papers on the subject which I can fit in a floppy. And since I felt I had to be fair, I decided to select one piece from each of the big four.

Keep in mind though that these four have some conflicting ideological-political views, but its important to have an exposure to these four views. Understanding comes with time, wisdom is its reward. Or something to that effect.

And so I brought with me a 3½ floppy disk containing a chapter of Eric S. Raymond's book The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Richard M. Stallman's essay Why Software Should Not Have Owners, Lawrence Lessig's OSCON 2002 keynote Free Culture (no doubt inspiration for his latest book of the same title), and last but not least a copy of Eben Moglen's Maine speech entitled Freeing the Mind: Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture.

If you follow the link you can read the documents online. Browse some more and you can find downloadable versions of each. To save you the trouble since I've already collected them, I decided to combine them in a single downloadable zipfile compilation (around 300Kbytes) that you can download from here.

Introduction to the Free Software concept in a floppy sized package. Please feel free to distribute:)

I'll let it live in my Ripway folder only until my bandwidth limit is reached. I'll also put a link on my sidebar, under the 'usefull stuffs' section. Considering the scope of my audience, I very much doubt the limit would be reached anytime soon. But you never know....

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