learning at gunpoint

The Essence of the Tougher Standards Movement:

from Rescuing Our Schools from "Tougher Standards" at alfiekohn.org. Got the address from Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator at GNU Philosophy.

Speaking about learning at gunpoint, blogging in Indonesia can be considered as such if we take into mind that we pay for internet access by the second here (quite expensively I might add). There's weblogs: a history and perspective and waging peace: using our powers for good from Rebecca's Pocket.

Rebecca Blood is the author of The Weblog Handbook.

Oh and did I mention We the Media?

And before I forget (again), Happy New Year's Everyone! :)

Post-script Clarification: Just to be clear, Rebecca Blood did not write 'We the Media,' Dan Gillmor did. Forgive my tussled mind:0)

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