death-cries and almost dropouts III: post equinox, pre zenith

And that's it.

Well, not quite. I've still got to do revisions: bump up my project from three to five chapters, refocus on which type of free/open source software it is I'm trying to promote, change the titling to instead of a social marketing campaign to a plain integrated marketing campaign (the motive, after all, is not purely social), include embracing other Indonesian FOSS/Linux user groups, write up justifications for my media choices, make up a budget, write up my graduation paper hearing approval form and have it signed by all three involved parties (consultation lecturer, expert tester, program head/hearing leader),... at least all my forms are done. The revision has got to be done by the 19th.

I'll make it still.

Buddies, you know who you are, thanks:)

Btw, Lurino's uncle is in the hospital, heart attack. The uncle's stabilized so far, here's hoping he gets better.

Dan Nuti, nomor telepon dia berapa yah? Lupa lagi nanya, damn... Bukan elu Nut; dia ntuh noh, yang tadi bareng lu...

addendum: taelah konyol, gue kan udah megang nomornya, tergulung rapih di banyak kertas biru berpita biru...

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If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

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