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All well, ends well...!

What begun in 1998, the Class of '98 Kom UI, has come to an
end and the last of the them has sailed to join his brethen.
For their time at kampus UI Depok has ended.

All that remains are memories, fond and sweet and bitter and

From the moments they got together, all 72 of them, many a
story were made. It wasn't long before some fell and never
to join his fellow ever again. But the Class of '98 carry
on. Spending many a nights at Pesona Khayangan, trying hard
to stay together, face the sarasehan, and the everyday
classes. Some tears were shed, but many laughter sprung, and
even some love blossomed.

Once trough Sarahsehan, they set out to conguer the world
and make their dreams come true and live as they see fit.
There was klub jalan-jalan, Pekan Kom, commisioned as HMIK,
Kom Night 1 & 2, sarahsehan 2000, and many more.

Yet one thing always prevailed among the '98. And that was
friendship and laughter and togetherness.

And then the first of them sailed away...

Soon, many more sailed away and went to the real world.
Those that were left behind realised that their time will
soon end.

And so the class of '98 struggled to get on board. They
struggled to get in to the ship called gradution and earned
the title of S. Kom. They toiled day and night, in ways each
of them felled best.

Sadly, some of them failed...

But their stories did not end. For even now their laughters
remain, and their friendship last. Even for those who
failed, they still succed in their own way, and they are not
forgotten or exiled. For being a '98 means being friends,
friends forever....

for all that is worth menjadi bagian dari Fisip Komunikasi
UI angkatan 98, adalah hal terindah yang gua pernah alami.

hope you guys had the time of your life. I know, I did!


PS: provisiat Fer! you really end it well!

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