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Today I had an adventure in cyberspace. I started my other (defunct) blog at blogspot.com. Then while editing there I tried to get their template editing faq by browsing blogger.com. After that I browsed its help section (help.blogger.com) and read What to do if your Mom discovers your blog.... One topic in there talked about how to prevent Google from indexing your web page by telling its web-crawler to keep away using robots.txt Now web-crawlers -- which should be called robots according to their programmers -- are interesting programs which goes around the Web looking for web sites. This is a simplification which can be clarified by looking at the above links.

Over there in 'dem robots website is a database of currently active robots. Looking at the list of names, the second one was Acme.spider which was made by... ACME Laboratories!! The labs don't really have much to do with the Looney Tunes or Warner Bros. Studios, but its interesting isn't it to discover that ACME Labs actually exist and that it creates lots of neat stuffs like the ACME Heart Maker (perfect for valentine -- it is, after all, February), which has a link to the church sign generator and will.work.forfood.org.

Now going back a bit, the Church Sign Generator has a link to the Mucho Sucko Generator list, and one generator I noticed was the Anarchy Cookbook Generator, which also has an explanation of what the Anarchy Cookbook really is, which links to a more thorough explanation of Anarchy, which in turn has a link to a pretty complete anarchy FAQ; an idea that is NOT neccesarily anti-order, and definitely NOT pro-violence, but more accurately anti-authority (at least the oppresive type).

A good quote I found among these pages was made by Leo Tolstoy, the Russian novelist. Tolstoy wrote "The anarchists are right in the assertion that, without Authority, there could not be worse violence than that of Authority under existing conditions."

I mean, look at our (or my, depending on your nationality) impossible nation-state of Indonesia:)

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Plans (for the creation of Trash for my dumpster)

I plan on putting some of my past poetry in my blog, perhaps future ones too... I'm gonna start with a 'haiku' (at least its a Haiku to me; I'll learn better soon enough) inspired by a conversation I had with Rina (or Blue-Sea if you prefer) and Rey, over some coffe, cigarettes, and lots and lots of schoolwork:)...
Dirimu seperti
adonan roti yang ingin kuremas-remas
Hatiku meranggas

Café Cadas, Depok, November '03

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Today after a few frustrating hours... minutes perhaps... of trying to get my HTML template to work with BlogDrive, I finally discover that there's a teeny-weeny link entitled 'template help' at the top left corner of the 'edit main template' page. Guess I can begin to figure out how to customize my blog some more...

Yesterday my friends told me to come to campus today, but I must confess I can't come again... Or more accurately I don't feel like going anymore because its getting too late in the afternoon, because I had to drive Mom to WTC Sudirman. I mean, I don't really HAVE to, but in the end I'm still driving her...

I think I'm gonna go into pre-beta now. I'm gonna tell Rina...

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To be or not to be

Today I planned on going to campus early in the morning. Yesterday I planned on going to campus early in the morning. On both days I am still at home. I really wanted to say something when I logged ini, but now I can't seem to remember just what.

I think I write better offline.

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Alpha flight

OK, another first entry in another blog. My first one is at http://lemi4.blogspot.com/. Tried blogdrive cuz I thought I'd be able to add images to my blog; appers not. Well, guess bandwidth is getting scarce in this day in age...

The choice between Blogspot and Blogdrive is the choice between HTML flexibility and fun toys. I think.

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Links: Web & Blog Tech

Clues on how to make websites. And blogs too.



Other blogging tools

Aside from BlogDrive, of course :) This list is definitely not exhaustive.

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Links: Blogosphere Highlights

I guess these blogs kinda shows just really cool bloggers do with their personal space. Its either that or I just can't seem to put them in any other category :p But they're all interesting blogs.

Reading blogs can be addictive. Especially if you read the comments and trackbacks. And then they lead to ezine articles, web sites, online essays...

The New 'Usual Suspects'

Blogs that every blog seem to link to...

Little Gems

Though interesting, not too many specific links to them. Though I think they get a lot of hits anyway. I think.

The Old Guard

I think they were here from the beggining of blogging, way back in '94... Let's see if I can find some more...

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Links: FOSS and the Software World

Not just Free and Open Source Software, and not just Hacker Culture. I also wish to highlight other corners which show 'the other side.' The side I come from.

The Blogs

Some Software

The Forums

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Special Links: Tsunami Help

On the 26th of December, 2004, one of the worst natural disaster in history occured. The death toll as of this writing is more than 200.000, while the number of those left injured and/or homeless number more than millions. The nations and areas affected are still struggling to get back on their feet. There may not be much that we can do for them, but please don't forget about them too soon.

Granted, I do have a vested interest since one of the areas affected is the birth island of my parents. And it is arguable that there has been too much cumulative attention given to the issue to the point that the disaster has become a mass-media commodity. But there is a point where it no longer becomes commercial enough to warrant commercial mass-media attention (and arguably that time has arrived now), and I wish to support those that still dedicate themselves to the issue despite of its un-trendiness.

There are other disasters. There are other areas needing help. This definitely does not mean much. This is also not the most I can do.

Please don't forget too soon...

On exploring the aftermath, I have found the following sites usefull.

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A friend once asked me why I seem to have this wealth of knowledge. Why I seem to be so smart. I would venture a guess that these links have a lot to do with it. The operative phrase here being "seem to be".

I used to have this ugly humongo link list on the left there. And as big as it is I keep wanting to add more (kinda like my bookmark habit, see below). So instead of making much more of a mess over there, I've decided to create a links page instead. It'd be kinda like a bunch of link-type blog posts mashed up together, only this time describing a bunch of links at the same time.

To keep things easy on the eyes, I've divided this links section into several categories. They are either in alphabetical order or some arbitrary psychological order I choose to impose upon you (your guess as good as mine). Generally they'll mostly be blogs (slipping the occasional website or two here and there), guessing that if you wanted a comprehensive guide to the Web you'd be better off browsing About.com, Yahoo! Directory or the Open Directory Project. Or Googlewhacking at random. You do remember don't you that there are other search engines aside from Google? And I haven't even mentioned Microsoft's new MSN Search (which I heard is quite good actually). And of course there's also Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

If I'm actually excited enough about any link I list here I'll post an 80x15 blog-button linking to them on the main side section. Or make one for them if they don't have one. Or, if I really have to, any button the site happens to provide.

And another note: these pages are obviously still under development. I doubt they'd ever be done. Abandoned, perhaps, but not done.


So here goes...

*I do have some thoughts to review you guys linked at my sidebar; just gimme a second as I'm still experincing brain-freeze from converting my links section...

other stuffs

In adition, here's some links that are not quite really 'external,' but I'd like to keep them handy anyways...

And finally, here's my Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks file -- to repeat an old saying: I'm a packrat when it comes to hitting Ctrl-D, and I try to be systematic about it, but as you can see the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes I actually find the courage to delete an entry or two. Sometimes.

Currently its about 800kbytes. You have been warned.

See, I'm not so smart after all; I just spend waaay too much time online :p


a blogchalk is details about a personal (usually a personal) blog and its author. This not really a blogchalk in the technical sense of a search-engine attracting collection of meta-tags and keywords, but more a line by line description of who I am...

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I don't write intellectually. I write expressively. I don't claim to be accurate, fair or thorough. I don't wanna get stuck on certain topics. Though I sometimes do. But not that often. I'd like to expand. I wanna write more poems. But I'll only upload them if they're good. I only rant about my life's hardships if it will rescue just a little bit of my sanity. I'm saner than I make myself out to be, though.

If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

There. Do you get it?


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