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Originally written on Wednesday, May 16th 2007, 9:30am, Deutsche Bank Tower smoking room, Jakarta, Indonesia. Posted here with some minor editing.

I have a job interview at 10.30. With the BBC World Service. I arrived early becaus I hitched a ride with my brother to his office.

I had actually arrived here at the Deutsche Bank tower at about a quarter past nine. I hung around at the lobby, just standing, since there wasn't any café or anything on the ground floor. I asked the infromation desk, after about 15 minutes just standing around like an idiot (there were no chairs in the lobby), if there was a café or anything. They said there was one round back. There was a bunch of security guards hanging around there at the information desk. They told me to follow some guy, looked like a waiter, and said "follow him, he's the owner." I guess the jeering was made in good spirit, but somehow I feel a little miffed; perhaps I didn't respond properly to their gesture or something.

So I moved round back, outside through the front door. Turns out the Café Oh Lá Lá at the back was nothing more than a counter, a stall without any seats where you're meant to order something and go somewhere else, away. But nearby there was a smoking area, the type typical these days since the enactment of the city law banning smoking within public buildings. The smoking area has seats, and so here I am writing this... blogpost on paper.

My cellphone is dying. I'm using Mom's old N 5110, supported by about half a dozen rubber bands. It still keeps dying on me. I hope it doesn't die while I wait for 10.30, to meet Bernice (or whoever it is I'm supposed to meet). Still an hour away. The cell's the only timepiece I have.

I was at the office until about 23:30 yesterday at the Sacred Bridge, playing around with Premiere Pro trying to make, no, making a presentation video showing samples of Rooted Music. Took some excerpts from Peter Gabriel's 'Real World Live' concert, Kodo at the Acropolis, Stomp Out Loud, and some documentation footage from the SBF's two prefious Rhythm Salad© events at Pisa Cafe (May 2006) and Pendopo Kemang (August 2006). Though I'm still slow and still learning, thus requiring me to spend more time than normally necessary to string-up an eleven minute video, I must admid that I actually had fun. Though it drained me.

I arrived home at about three in the morning. I still owe an 8 page translation due yesterday, although to be fair I received the order only the day before. There was a time when I would have thought nothing of having the task of translating 8 pages of thick lawyerese Indonesian to English; that time would have been when I was still unemployed. In about four, five dedicated hours I've only managed to complete 4 pages. I would love to be a full-time Indonesian-English translator working from home, but noone's willing to pay me enough; or at least I can't find enough work, at a consistent stream, to make translating a viable source of income for me.

I've written a job advertisement, unpublished, for my current SBF work. I have yet to write a resignation letter for Pak Rano. I have got to stop lying to myself and the company; I just simply am not built for this Communications Head job. I can do simple video editing, I can do basic graphic design, I can write letters in English, but I simply cannot organize. and if organization skills are a basic human property, I accept being labeled inhuman. And that's that.


some postscript thougths, thought up and written just now : The interview went just as advertised; it began at 10:30 and lasted barely fifteen minutes. They said I'd be informed within the day if I got the job or not; They did, and I didn't get the job.

The job title offered was news fixer/producer; part of the job description for the position said that I would be confirming interviews in Indonesian and English, and that I would be confirming facts and stuffs. The description also said that the candidate was to have strong interest in news. Based on the fifteen minutes I was given, I think this latter part is where I flunked. I was given a few hypothetical news situations and I was asked to respond and react quickly, how I would handle, how I would investigate, etc. I was slow on this part.

They did say that they were impressed by my translation abilities (they had me live-interpreting a short Indonesian news dispatch etc.), so that's a positive I guess.

As for my position at the SBF... I'm gonna have to get back to you on that. I'm not exactly having the time of my life, but I'm not interested in carelessly burning any bridges anytime soon. At least not if I can help it.

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frustration, love and the Flamenco Harp

From the Meditation Photography blog, some thoughts concerning love and the Virginia Tech killings:

What kind of person may be so angry to Kill 32 persons mercilessly?What kind of Person might be so frustrated to take lives of known and unknown people?

Don’t bother to answer the above, however do answer the following

What have you done to make sure that your son is not the next killer? How much you know about frustrations of your son or daughter? What makes you think you are not making your kid angry?

Remember that every kid is born as an immense potential but the way he has been brought up results in what he turns out to be.

Love is most important ingredient in your child growth. Not vitamins not proteins , definitely not cheeseburgers but Love is the most important ingredient in your child’s growth. If your kid is not loved and he in turn is not able to love; then I promise you that he has already potential to be a killer; need not be with gun but with his behavior and attitude and in his relationships.

Link to Suresh's Sufistic Meditation Photography blog found on the sidebar of The Clouds of Unknowing, a blog by Flamenco-Harpist DangerousAngel.

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I burn my bridges

I burn my bridges,

with my ill thought inactions.

I burn my bridges,

by looking myself down.

I burn my bridges,

making promises I don't wannna make.

And failing them,

burning in glorious effigy.


Nice fireworks!

...huh, wazzat?

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But how did the interview go, you ask?

Well, I think it went relatively smoothly. Some tests, an essay and a Powerpoint slide. They'll let me know next week if I go to the next stage. A psychotest and an English test. We'll see...


Oh and I lost my cell phone yesterday, so my Mentari number is currently dead. On the day of the interview. Just so you know. (and no I don't wanna talk about it yet; I get homicidal tendencies just remembering the moment)

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BP called

Originally written April 2nd, 2007; two days before the interview. Beware that this blogpost is uncensored; there are statements here that shouldn't be said. But IMHO if the Sacred Bridge is to be honest about its moral mission then nothing should be hidden...

And so here I am. Tommorow I go to an interview with BP Indonesia. I've already stated that I'm not gonna leave the Sacred Bridge until the end of May, and even then I need certainty by the beginning of May. Both to my Boss, and now to BP.

Leaving the Sacred Bridge feels like a cop out. Like I've given up without even fighting. I'm even entertaining the thought of letting BP pass.

It wasn't quite expected, the call yesterday from Anggi of BP Indonesia. After three months I thought they'd already selected another candidate. I mean, fluent English writers are a dime a dozen nowadays. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I can't possibly be the best. But perhaps I am the best that's still looking for a pay of more than minimum wage.

I've told everyone at the office of the interview. Haven't told my boss yet, though. I'm planning on telling him after the interview.

I sure do hope the interview goes well...


I'm typing this using the company laptop. 12:53 PM 4/3/2007. At Tedz's former desk, behind Yo_Ieka's former desk. I'm the only one left in this room.

There's the ASEAN thing. A big opportunity. I've gotta follow it up, contact the Program Head, clear up some schedules, etc. We could make a deep positive impact throughout South East Asia, provided we plan thoroughly and execute carefully. A big thanks to Dipogila; we're commited to bringing your org along in this ride.

The website is not doing well. We've got domain name problems. Apparently our old ISP still hold legal rights over it. They asked US$160 for it. We were even planning to pay them that much, provided that we have in writing that our domain would be ours after that. They won't even give us that.

Rhythm Salad©[1] is... in limbo. Our various plans are just that, plans. And not an executable one at that. Not even in writing. Logically it should be like, we should make events like the one at Tornado, just local musicians holding a jam session and having fun, exploring the Indonesian identity through music.

At least the two DVDs are on schedule. Cutting it close, but still on schedule. Those two DVDs are our current source of income. It feels like living on edge here... like the org could crumble at any time if we don't do something. But I digress; I have absolutely no idea how the SBF is doing financially.


As far as I can tell, the hard logic in my tale is this: my potential income from either the SBF or BP is at the very least comparable, if we take into account the fact that income through budget bonus could potentially be large, and said potential is very real. But monthly income at the SBF is pegged at bare daily needs, with little to no possibility of making any savings. While income from BP is pegged at a relatively larger monthly nominal, with a much better chance of setting aside some mothly savings. A steady, predictable income.

If we're just looking at monthly salaries, BP wins hands down. But if we're talking potential income, with bonus considerations, SBF could be much bigger. But BP is more predictable. More stable. More pragmatic.

But that's just talking about income. We haven't talked about mission yet.


Originally posted as a comment to Mimi Hitam:

Life is not worth living if you're not alive...

If you're not actually living it, breathing it, dedicating your heart to the fullest in its purpose.

Your life is as precious as you want it to be. Noone else can tell you how much.


[1]Rhythm Salad is copyright ©2006-2007 Sacred Bridge Foundation. Just so you know.

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CIDRAP >> Thailand joins Indonesia in withholding H5N1 strains

Mar 22, 2007 (CIDRAP News) — Thailand today announced that it was joining Indonesia's boycott on sharing its H5N1 avian flu virus samples with vaccine developers and the international health community.

CIDRAP >> Thailand joins Indonesia in withholding H5N1 strains

More from Google News, Agoravox

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SBF: Problem Id

The things that make me unsuitable for SBF:

  • Too lazy
  • Too indecisive
  • Too unsystematic

They don't stop me from working at the SBF though. At least not yet.

And now that I've done Problem Identification, I can start working on Proposed Solutions. :p

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my life without me (a spontaneous oral review)

So like I was just finished watching "My Life Without Me" which had been playing in Metro TV, and my brother asked, "was the film good?" He had been browsing the web upstairs (from this very computer that I am now typing on).

I answered, something to the effect of, "yes, it was very good. Its about this... girl, who is living in a... disadvantageous economic situation, with two kids and a husband, and she's living in a trailer park and she is, like dying from cancer. And so she like, makes these tapes that she records, like for example for her two baby girls that she intends to give to them, or have her doctor give them to her girls, one for each birthday. She makes these tapes for everyone around her. Her family. And close friends. She doesn't tell them that she's dying and can't be cured.

"She is like, not exactly regretting that she is going to die real soon, but she's not positive and pretending to be this "superwoman" that is strong and is going to get through all this all right. Its not like she would not love to be able to live longer, to see her girls grow up, to see her Mom happy, and her husband find a better job, too. But she refuses to have the last moments of her life be a total drag, too. She doesn't want to be a burden, an excessive burden, on her family either since she can imagine the costs of her medication, the hospitalization, all those things that, as she sees it, can't possibly cure her either and would just make her family miserable.

"The film makes... the film's tone and manner is what you'd call "real life", in that all shot was taken as though hand held (and I really suspect that they actually were), so like they were always moving just ever so slightly and is tilted just so very slightly, as though the camera wobles as like in a home made video. And the dialogue, I mean they were... at least written as though they were spontaneous though they were probably written beforehand, but they really seem spontaneous and you can actually believe that these characters would speak just like that if you would encounter them in these situations in real life. It just makes the movie seem more... honestly real and alive.

"And so yeah, I guess I really liked the movie."

Although I didn't actually saw it from the beggining. For those familiar with the movie, I actually began watching it from the part when Anne was in the night club with the Hairdresser (I was actually going downstairs intending to get a glass of cold water down my throat; my sister was watching), when I saw a glimpse of the movie and sat down and didn't get off my chair until a few moments ago when I finished talking to my brother, went upstairs and started typing this blog post.

I'm gonna buy the DVD as soon as I have bought my new DVD writer.


Its a nice movie that I'm glad to watch considering the situation that I'm in, since it kinda has these neat 'lessons' about life, love, death, family n' stuffs and is just... uplifting in a non-mushy way and it....

But I'm still in the situation I'm in. (See the post below).

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btw sbf

Btw I'm thinking of quitting the Sacred Bridge; but the backup plan I thought I had in place is not fully functional. I have informed the Authoritiesy, and I have till Monday to come up with a solution.

A rough sitrep analysis by said Authority and me grounds the underlying problem upon the Nias Culture's lack of loyalty.

Authority assumes that said lack of loyalty is inherent, though IMHO it is only a recent, modern development (this opinion I kept to myself, since I have no verifiable data to support it).

I wish I could stay without impunity; I appreciate the Bridge's idealistic dreams. I wish my backup plan would give me a clue; you offer me 200% pay to betray my loyalty, yet you leave me floating on a sea of....



(I wonder, how many people on Earth can parse this particular blog post?)

(yelling 'help!' at Englishmen in Swahili)

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I want an A-bike.

This probably has something to do with my current interest in Bike-to-Work. Though the A-Bike is probably not an ideal vehicle for Bike-to-Work, at least not in urban Jakarta

Hat tip to Stay Free! Daily. Which is closing down its treeware-operation, btw.

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I don't write intellectually. I write expressively. I don't claim to be accurate, fair or thorough. I don't wanna get stuck on certain topics. Though I sometimes do. But not that often. I'd like to expand. I wanna write more poems. But I'll only upload them if they're good. I only rant about my life's hardships if it will rescue just a little bit of my sanity. I'm saner than I make myself out to be, though.

If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

There. Do you get it?


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