who owns my ideas? me, my publisher, or the public?

Here I present a link [papers.ssrn.com] to a current favorite read of mine entitled "Culture War" by Dan Hunter.

Its a slightly-left-of-center paper outlining the current war between big-monopoly content publishers and the public. It outlines the slightly Marxist ideas of Libertarian lawyers about intelectual property, the Commodity Fetishism of Major-Label, Big-Studio content-industry behemoths, and the current meme-war between the two.

An important read in my opinion, wether you're left, right, center, up, down, whatever. At least if you still think that your ideas are yours to begin with.

A slightly easier to understand, but much longer, document outlining some of these ideas are available here [www.free-culture.cc].

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all the universe

I was trying to find lyrics to a song I was listening to on M97 FM Jakarta on my way back from driving my mom to a church meeting, thinking of posting it as inspiration for a retrospective of yesterday's atrocities (more here).

It sounded classic rock (it is, after all, M97), and it had as its refrain something to the effect of "Visaya vijaya, all the universe," and the words "Vietnam" and "Northern Ireland." I was not succesfull.

But what I did found was this link from BBC'S Hitchhikers' Guide to the Universe site which outlined the US' war in Vietnam during the '60s. Quite an interesting read anyway.

Right now "Paint It Black" is playing. But does anyone know the song I was reffering to? Yeah well, whatever. Maybe "Stairway to Heaven" would be appropriate too. In fact, that's what's playing now...

Like dude, what the fuck, man?

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I am a 24-year-old little boy.

I pretend to know a lot of things when I don't.

I pretend to be a caring friend when I am not.

I pretend to be a living person while I waste away.

I pretend to belive in Him while I sin.

I pretend to give strength to others while I whine.

I pretend to rise to the occasion when I whimper.

I pretend to be capable of love though I am colder than ice.

And I pretend to be the saddest person in the world...

while many more suffer much worse than I do.




But enough about me. Who cares:) What do I care who cares:)

I wanna eat someone.

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Can someone please tell my mom that I can't possibly make it to class at eight in the
morning from home? Can somebody please tell my mom that I can't graduate if I can't
make it to class by eight? Can somebody please tell my mom I cannot graduate witho
ut being treated like a physically twenty-four year old adult? Can somebody please tell
my mom to please let me go? Can somebody please tell my mom that I'm not a kid a
nymore? Can somebody please tell my mom that I can't live anymore if I am still treat
ed like a little child? Can somebody please tell my mom that I actually have a functioni
ng brain that is actually quite capable of making life and death decisions on my own su
rvival? Can somebody please tell my mom that she is killing me by her killing herself e
verytime she sees her little boy leaving the house? Can somebody please tell my mom

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fall facelift, not spring cleaning

Changed template. Cleaned up my side section. Added a few more links. Organized links. Only thing left to do is update my bookmarks. A new entry would be nice, too:)

But I could just tell you about this morning. About graduation. About the class of '98 Communication Science. About my car crisis. About Kris' girlfriend's sister.

But then again....

Just enjoy the links. They're all you're gonna get from me. For now:)

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i need.

originally written 2004-06-17

where is my heart where is my soul where is my drive to create visions simple yet captivating conveying messages clear and understandable for peers and masses whenever wherever where is my need to learn new ways of producing content creating art where people come up to me and say 'tottaly cool dude, howd'ya do it?' there are . . . . . .

I was almost crying when I started writing this. Now I'm almost laughing. WTF man?:)

Here I am, just doing the doing thing, you know, slogging through my days, occationally meeting jewel moments and some potholes in my life-road. I'm just one, and my dillemas are hardly the worst, perhaps one of better ones, that a human can experience.

I'm in my sixth year of undergraduate study. Nationally I should have finnished two years ago, internationally three. No biggie, almost half of the class of '98 throughout my university is in the same predicament. There are others in the past which have gotten their acts together at their respective very last minutes and survived to graduation. All I have to do is my final paper anyway.

I guess I didn't always wanted to be an artist. I recalled when I was in elementary I had wanted to become an architect. There were times when I wished I could become a fighter pilot soaring the skies and watching the clouds at high speeds. I had wanted to become a programmer in high school.

I guess I just love having created things. Though for the life of me I can't figure out why I don't like creating things right now. Even more fatally, I don't even feel like learning new ways of creating right now.

I want to work a normal job and earn enough money to do the thing that I would actually do when I could do anything at all whatever I want. I want to have enough money that I don't have to ever worry about money anymore. I don't want money as much as I need money. What I want is to be able to create again.

I don't even want to be considered artistic anymore. I just want to be... free, I guess. In a word.

Please get me to get off my frickin' arse and get up to actually doing something again. Please. Someone?

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cleaning up my digital attic

I found a few interesting things while I was browsing, rearranging and moving files from my old harddisk to my new system. The first is a poetry which I think I wrote while in high school. Don't know when, exactly but I did write it in high school.

Open your eyes to the wonderful nature of the procedings.
Open your eyes to the wonderful nature of life.
Close your eyes to the hatred of the city.
Close your eyes to the violence taking lives.

Give the citizens the life that they need,
give them all until they are pleased.
Give and give away your life,
give until left with nothing but vibes.

This mind is destroyed, this mind cannot think.
This mind ponders, but ponders not.
Everything unthinkable.

Their minds are jolly, full of finks.
Their minds anger, but angers not.
Nothing unthinkable.

Does any of this make sense?

The second is my first translation job ever: a Secret Moves guide for Mortal Kombat II for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, taken from the Arcade Combat Survival Guide (which I might try to track down in some future time).

note: originally written 2004-5-28. A friend had asked somewhere around May or July why I'm not writing many new entries. I have, its just that I'm not completing them or publishing them, monetary crisis and all. I'll see if I can publish anymore from my lost files....

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dial up controll

An interesting article from Kompas Online:

"Fast Browsing" Lewat "Dial Up" Bukan Impian. To my international audience, once more I must apoligize because I can't provide an english version. Are you two still there?

It refers to a service called TelkomNet Premium.

I discovered all this while trying out my new InstanSave prepaid internet card. I accidentaly bought this because the local MultiPlus just ran out of Rp25.000 IndosatM2 cards.

Right now I'd recommend InstanSave over IndosatM2, because InstanSave's includes phone connection cost where IndosatM2 only covers the internet connection. Lucky I am not very thorough in reading instructions, because it actually said InstanSave was good for two hours compared to M2's six and a half. I was cursing myself over the expensive calling card until I discovered the little catch22 over M2's phone bill policy. Yeah well.

But nonetheless, getting either one of these prepaid internet cards will certainly be at least noticeably cheaper than visiting your local warnets regularly, or blowing this month's phone bill. So WebSurfers of Indonesia, take heed! Save our parents from early death due to phonebill-induced heart attacks! Get Prepaid Internet:)

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image map

I've uploaded a colage of selected works. Here's a thumbnail. Click on it to view a large (over 350K) version. Someday I'll make a real portfolio. Promise. Meh. :p

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Winamp Radio

Nowadays most of the time I spend online at WarNets at the same time I also listen to music streams from winamp.com/music. Some interesting streams there, and artists' bios too. Check it out...

And its not all mainstream; a few indie surprises lie waiting if you look hard enough. Of course there's always today's most popular random links.

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I don't write intellectually. I write expressively. I don't claim to be accurate, fair or thorough. I don't wanna get stuck on certain topics. Though I sometimes do. But not that often. I'd like to expand. I wanna write more poems. But I'll only upload them if they're good. I only rant about my life's hardships if it will rescue just a little bit of my sanity. I'm saner than I make myself out to be, though.

If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

There. Do you get it?


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