how it went

It went fine. Sorta.

To recap, I went to my advisor's house and handed him this. That paper there is the most structured writing I could manage after staying awake until 4 AM. Its a mess containing a random and very thick stream of my thoughts about the Free/Open Source Software world. I myself find it hard to follow closely.

Predictably he told me to rewrite the whole thing.

He did gave me this structure to follow. And that's a good thing; hopefully it'll help me produce a more structured, followable document.

Oh, and I gotta hand in the revised paper by Monday to the Department Secretary. Then after that I can contact the dude about becoming my graduation paper advisor. I've got until December 15th to pull it all off, so I'm still in a rush....

So now its official; I'm graduating by promoting Firefox:)

Firefox Logo

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i should be asleep

I should be asleep but I'm not, because:

I'm meeting my graduation paper advisor today. Pray for me

The meeting is at 11:00 in the afternoon, local time (which is +7.00 UT). Right now my local time is 3:26am.

Its not a good excuse, but nonetheless its the reason I'm awake.

If you want one, get your own. Heh%).

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a blog's duty?

There's something I read somewhere on this great big network of infothoughts known as the World Wide Web about blogs being the next wave of media, where it is through the independence of blogs that issues big corporate media won't touch because of various political-economy reasons they wont touch, these kinds of thoughts are put to attention.

There are two such thoughts, at any rate, that I want to put to attention at this moment. One's about a highway accident killing six people involving the President's entourage. The other is about the closure of a junior high school long the center of controversy.

Okay, the first. The highway accident. At around ten o'clock today Jakarta local time, a car accident happened on the Jagorawi toll road resulting in the death of six and the wounding of at least ten. It happened about ten minutes before the President of Indonesia was supposed to pass said toll road. As is customary the road was 'sterilised' before he went through, you know, checked for possible assasination attempts, cleared of car congestion, blocaded from all traffic, that kinda stuff. I'm explaining because I'm not too sure if this also happens in other countries when your heads of states pass by public roads (hello you two international audiences:)

You might be able to imagine the controversy that should arise, but the news was quickly subdued by other news about the President's plan of action and other international news. At this moment Kompas has not written anything about it yet. I hope they will, they usually do so, and relatively objectively, but if not I wrote this little something you're reading right now and also have bookmarked and saved several detikcom articles (in Indonesian only, unfortunately) where I discovered them, here, here, here, and here, just in case the state decides to order them deleted. You never know, you know?

But the interesting thing is before this news was obscured by SBY's speech this highway accident news also obscured another news, about the forced emptying of SMPN 56 at Melawai. Article links (once again in Indonesian only, forgive me) here and here. A brief summary of the controversy is that there was this junior high school in Melawai that was ordered moved by Governor Sutiyoso a couple of years ago (I would recommend googling for more information yourself), the controversy stemming from allegations of business favoritism and corruption among other things.

Well the thing is an aunt of mine happened to be a teacher at said junior high (she teaches now at the school's new location at Jeruk Purut, Jakarta), and she herself noted that the school's old location was too close to a bus terminal and was long complained as being filled with delinquent students due to the criminal elements of the surrounding area

The details of both are still vague, and detikcom has long been known for high-speed sensasionalism. If its controversial and it happened in Indonesia you can be sure that detikcom will write about it first, but if you want other angles and objective viewpoints you're gonna have to wait another moment or twenty while their reporters try to get more indepth facts. Extremely quick reporting, but often times not consistently objective enough for my taste.

I don't really want to condemn anyone of anything, neither the Press nor the Government, but I just feel it to be too much of a pity if these things slip under the radar too quickly before Indonesian society gets to digest their meanings, just because its political-economically unprofitable to invite the government's wrath. Perhaps?

Update 18/11/04 11.23[+07.00 UT]: I guess Kompas did print the stories after all. That's good:) As for objectivity I guess there are better things to spend human resources on, but enough effort has been made for such a short time I suppose. In these days of instantation its always necessary to manage our strengths and make sure we don't waste energy. But still their articles do feel a bit too government centric for my taste.

Whatever. What do I know about working as a reporter?:)

Update 18/11/04 23.11[+07.00 UT] And I just found a couple of articles covering the Jagorawi Crash and the Melawai Junior High incident in English from The Jakarta Post. Yay:) Hopefuly these will finally clear some things up for you two:)

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on using 1.0

I've downloaded and installed Firefox 1.0. I had some problems updating all of my extensions but I guess that's mostly because the servers were swamped, just like in the old days of Netscape 6.0. But trust me guys, Firefox is much, much better than that old monster. I'd almost say better than Netscape, but I haven't tried it's latest version myself.

As for Opera, well that's also another dilemma because its my favorite browser in Warnets having used it as (often times) the only alternative to IE. I avoid IE more for pragmatic reasons nowadays, simply because its default configuration leaves me gritting teeth and biting nails everytime some pr0n sleeperware takes over without management seeming to notice (or care, more likely). Opera's single browser mode is more workable, though, especially in version 7.2 and above. Of course that owes no little nod to the fact that single browser mode was a last minute feature wish which was not quite ready at Firefox 1.0's launch time.

As for the extension problems, I've resolved most of them by first uninstalling all of them then googling for their individual updates the day after launch (November 10th) so that most of them have been updated now. But I think updates.mozilla.org is a bit less congested nowadays, so if you wanna get them plugins and extension goodies you better get them now before the NYT ad comes up and the servers become swamped again (which is a good thing because it means more new Firefox users:)

One thing I would appreciate happening though is the return of the online/offline button at the bottom right corner of the browser window, like the one the old Mozilla Browser had. By pressing the button Mozilla Browser would go offline and we could surf the cache instead of downloading content expensively online. The normal way would involve navigating Firefox's 'file' menu to acces the 'work offline' menu item. Very useful when you want to be online for as small a time as possible, disconnecting after data has been downloaded and connecting again to continue 'exploring' (pun intended). Some people in our dial-up world still actually have to pay their local phone acces by the minute, you know:)

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Firefox('s on) CozyNet :O :D

Great News!

For those of us UI Depok students who want to check out Firefox, it's now installed on the workstations of the CozyNet internet cafe, at Jalan Margonda Raya about three stores left of Darmanet.

Check it out; and lets not forget friends that 1.0 is gonna be released anytime today:)

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Open Source (on) Windows

I'd like to take a moment to put to attention a new discovery of mine; that you can get a CD containing a collection Free/Open Souce Software (FOSS) software for Windows™.

The CD (and the software project) is called The Open CD.

I would actually prefer to make a button on my sidebar, but they don't have one, yet. Or at least I haven't found it yet. (Or made it yet :p). I don't know if its latest version includes Firefox or not, but you can always download it yourself tomorrow.

Now, to encapsulate such attitudes of mine into a defendable academic marketing communications paper so that I can graduate....

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iron will

This morning I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't play computer games anymore until I've graduated; I went to my PC to blog up the fact and the moment my Windows desktop came up I double-clicked on the Neverwinter Nights icon.

So here I am after playing for about four hours (short by my standards), stopping because Mom asked me to pick up my sister at school, which (as usual) I interpreted as now but (as usual) Mom actually meant in an hour. But the other more significant (real) reason I stopped is because I fell kinda tired of dying so many times in Charwood forest with my level 9 lawfull-good human monk.

And now after writing this I want to begin playing again immediately. But I think I'll just upload this first. My brother decided to pull the modem out of hiding, but I'm still traumatized in using it (see my last entry). I try to go online only for uploading and downloading small data such as this blog entry and my emails, spending at most about five minutes at a time. When I gotta go online longer I'll do it at my campus WarNets.

I have one and a half weeks to complete my graduation final work paper or I'll be dropped out. I've written nothing and I don't feel worried at all.

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get wired (cd)

In between my short and hurried speed reading sessions on the Web:

Consider downloading The Wired CD [blogs.law.harvard.edu], the first (I think) widely distributed music CD licensed under a creative commons license, featuring works from (among others) the Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

Or at least download it on November 9th, along with Firefox 1.0. Of course you can always look the album up on Kazza or Morpheous; its perfectly legal. For this CD anyway.

You can read a description of the music in the CD here [wired.com] and here [creativecommons.org]. And you can always google for better written reviews. I don't feel like writing my own (yet); I haven't even listened to it yet.

Oh and as for why I have not been publishing lately: my brother took away our family's modem about three days ago because our phone bill passed the Rp 1 million mark (again) :0). My brother's paying for the family's phone bill nowadays.

I'm downloading from Darmanet Margonda, by the way. So I'm paying for my download. At least with a part of my life savings, anyway. Actually the money my mom set aside for my education, that is. Hehe:0)

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Oooohh... goodie, gooodie!

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the good people at the Open Source Initiative (OSI) [opensource.org], especially Russell Nelson and Steve Mallett, for letting me create this button for them:

Open Source promotional button

As quoted in the link above, please link this graphic to the Open Source Definition.

I used the GIMP [gimp.org] to create it (you can download the Windows version from here), using base images from OSI's image bank. To my fellow CG artists: this is a great way to try out Open Source CG apps, since its so easy to get bored of new tools if you don't have any project to use them on. So, how 'bout it, 'No?

Oh, and thanks again:)

Postscript (12/11.04): It suddenly occured to me: Russ, Steve, how did you discover my full name? I mean the only place I can think of where its posted online is at....

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A person died a few days ago. A conductor. I hardly knew him. I do wish I did.

. . . .

A few days after my dad died, a few years ago back in high school, I returned to school. A few friends uttered their condolences. In response I told them, "Thanks, but its okay. I know your words are just formalities. Thanks anyway." I guess I said that because I thought experiences as personal as these are always very personal. Noone really knows what a loss means to a person.

And in this short time that I've set aside this morning, as I would try to say something, I can't really think of anything.

. . . .

Except maybe just to say that for what its worth, Pak Prab, you have changed a lot of lives, sir. You have put faith in the talents of persons whose talents have been doubted. And you have pushed persons into creating art; persons who doubt they could create art. And with faith you have lead persons to push art into greatness. And I thank you.

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I don't write intellectually. I write expressively. I don't claim to be accurate, fair or thorough. I don't wanna get stuck on certain topics. Though I sometimes do. But not that often. I'd like to expand. I wanna write more poems. But I'll only upload them if they're good. I only rant about my life's hardships if it will rescue just a little bit of my sanity. I'm saner than I make myself out to be, though.

If I am an OS kernel, and I just had a kernel dump, I'd imagine that the text in this blog is what it would more or less look like.

There. Do you get it?


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