Entry: You have a dysfunctional family; I have a dysfunctional nation. 2/25/2004

A friend of mine was asking in her blog why someone would find it terrible for her to be apathetic about our situation in Indonesia. I was trying to find some reference to answer that question -- mostly for me -- when I found this paper, entitled "Social Fragmentation in Indonesia, A Crisis from Suharto's New Order" written by Vivienne Wee of the Southeas Asia Research Centre (SEARC), City University of Hong Kong. People interested in Indonesia's continued, and continuing, social dysfunction might very well be interested in this paper.


An interesting argument made in the paper is that the primary mode of governance in Indonesia was, and (this is the interesting point) still is, a system called State Capture (see the paper, page 3).

Of course the paper is a explanative interpretive one; by its very nature it only begin to try answering questions and barely marks any paths of action. But at least it sheds some light...


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