Entry: Special Links: Tsunami Help 2/2/2004

On the 26th of December, 2004, one of the worst natural disaster in history occured. The death toll as of this writing is more than 200.000, while the number of those left injured and/or homeless number more than millions. The nations and areas affected are still struggling to get back on their feet. There may not be much that we can do for them, but please don't forget about them too soon.

Granted, I do have a vested interest since one of the areas affected is the birth island of my parents. And it is arguable that there has been too much cumulative attention given to the issue to the point that the disaster has become a mass-media commodity. But there is a point where it no longer becomes commercial enough to warrant commercial mass-media attention (and arguably that time has arrived now), and I wish to support those that still dedicate themselves to the issue despite of its un-trendiness.

There are other disasters. There are other areas needing help. This definitely does not mean much. This is also not the most I can do.

Please don't forget too soon...

On exploring the aftermath, I have found the following sites usefull.

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