Entry: LamerDon'tWannaBe.txt 3/3/2004

I suddenly had the urge to get back to my programming roots. At least my hacking roots. Here and now, at the edge of my college education.

I guess I don't have the talent to become a programmer. I had been drafted to an international mathematics olympiad team for my when I was in 2nd grade elementary, but as I grow older my weakness emerges: accuracy. But what I still had is a tenacity to tinker with code.

I hacked away many-a-wordbasic code when I was in junior-high all the way to high-school. I learned Pascal in high-school but was turned off by my inability to create pretty things. My middle of the road abandonment left me further and further behind in the technology gap. Now I want to get back.

I can learn a lot from Free Software. I MUST learn a lot from free software. I must rekindle my effort to learn C/C++. I must look at GNU source code. I must learn how OS kernels work. Especially graphical subsystems, X11 and OpenGL in particular. I must learn vector graphics coding. I must make my own personal FreeHand, with its absolute minimal feature a killer pen/bezier tool.

I failed to qualify for IPA because of my overspending time with my 386DX box. That I have felt in the past to be an unfairly illogical situation. Now I gotta get back.



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