Entry: seeing the world in monochrome vermillion 6/11/2005

If you wanna see this page properly, you simply have to use an alternative browser. Yes, I know the majority of the visitors to this blog uses IE6, but I simply cannot compromise between making the site look the way I want it and making the site look good in IE6. Beyond what I've done so far. And you can still read it just fine using IE6 if you select from the menu 'view\text size\smaller' (just like most web sites circa late '90-ish). And you can read it just fine anyway if you don't.

And yes its still spaghetti code. But its my spaghetti code.

If I remember correctly, I switched to Mozilla in the first place was because I encountered Eric Meyer's css/Edge, and I was curious how Mr. Meyer's experiments would look in a CSS 2 compliant browser.  Not the security. Not the tabs. Neither the extensions nor the themes.

I just wanted to see CSS magic.

Sure a lot of the stuff CSS makes possible can be replicated using Java and/or Javascript and stuff, but CSS is simpler, and you don't have to download another plugin (which still slows down browsing even in Firefox), and IE6 already support some CSS tags; a good proportion of CSS1 actually (though not all of it), in addition to a few CSS2 properties.

If only everyone would use a good CSS-compliant browser. Even if IE7 does come out with full CSS2 support, it wouldn't bring CSS2 to the masses because only users of Windows XP would be able to download it. And that's if you want to download it at all. IIRC the downloadable IE6 was about 30 megs. I'm having trouble convincing people to download Firefox at 4.6 megs. While a lot more would rather buy a cracked copy of Opera for ¢50 at our campus' pirate-CD shop. And no, they wouldn't  download the gratis ad-supported version because it would cost more to download it from a Warnet or a home dial-up account.

Unmetered telecommunications. England's CUT. Yeah, bandwidht cost money but...

A friend of mine just told me yesterday that he was buying a car. Wow. Well yeah he's crediting it but I mean even the down payment is like Rp 40 mil (that's roughly about... mmm let me get the calculator... hmm... US$ 4000). Four Grand. Wow.

He's younger than me. I mean, its not the material wealth that I envy, its his achievement. He's a couple of years younger than me, and sure he's been working longer than me since he graduated much, much earlier, but we went to college the same year. I'm in his class. And he's got a job. And it pays well.

He's not dependent on his family. He doesn't get sad eyes from his mom. He doesn't pretend that all Mom's snide-and-sad remarks about his not working doesn't bother him. He doesn't pretend that neighbor's and cousin's comments around him about being unemployed doesn't bother him. He doesn't pretend that he doesn't care whether his brother has taken away his modem because of how big his phone bill is, which his brother is paying for.

He doesn't have to pretend to be idealistically avoiding a 9-to-5 for freedom when in reality he just let so_many_job_offers slip by. He doesn't pretend that he's not getting enough freelancing clients when he really has trouble maintaining a steady one because of all the deadlines he misses.

He doesn't pretend that he's feeling fine or he's feeling terrible when he really doesn't know how he feels. Or how he should feel.

I'm not feeling that bad, at least I don't think so. I suppose I'm fine, but I'm not sure.

I should be worried I mean... I don't live in a vacuum you know like my sister's graduating high school this year and she's going to college and my brother as successful as he is is not gonna be able to send her to college on his own...

I hate ranting. I hate it when all I can do is complain, point fingers, at myself too, type, dream, sleep, do a rock impression, break my fucking keyboard....

And hear his my brother coughing, clearing his throat, from his room... He's saying 'go to sleep you fucking moron' but he doesn't even realize it.


Don't you just love how low the quality of my writing has gone?

Self-actualization is the root of all evil.

Or is it envy?


Low self-esteem?


(haven't I said that already?)

(can I have another guess?)

(best of two?)


A friend just called and he gave me a glimpse of the proletariat life. Its like what those socialist left-wing guys always says in campus, no matter how much you're paid you're still a worker (buruh -ed.).

I don't really mind my brother. He's earned the right to complain. I mean, he's footing the phone bill.

Reds and vermilions. Personally I love how my link color scheme creates this rainbow of monochrome vermilions.


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