Entry: InterAd rant 3/28/2004

I don't have much time so I'm just gonna blurt this out rant style, quick and messy. Ten people have worked two sleepless weeks to prepare this wealth of material I have around my neck and right in front of me upon my desktop. Work upon which all of us sacrificed ourselves both physicaly and mentally. Work upon which they now rest their hopes upon. Works which now is left to me to combine.

Feelings have been hurt. Times has been wasted. Efforts have been nihilised. Burdens have been unfullfilled. Disappointments abound.

Its been quite an experience this past two weeks. A lot more than I dare to describe through these words. But one thing for sure, if I dissapoint now I can never look at myself again in the mirror and call me a decent human being. I have crushed too many feelings with my childish imature antics and its getting really, really fucking old.

And with that I begin. Let's rock.


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