Entry: State of the Ferdi Address, April 2004 4/14/2004

Answering the frequently asked question: Hey Fer, where'd ya been, how'rye doing?

I guess I'm feeling fine. I know I'd disappeared these past few weeks but I am feeling fine. Just have a bit too much of free time on my hands. More due to my indecisiveness rather than any burden. I have no immediate burden at all, in fact. I have purposefully hidden myself away in my own private corner of my house, in front of my PC, tweaking and nick-nacking this and that, imaginatively tuning harddisk usage, desktop icon placement, scanning for viruses, and generaly shutting out my responsibilities and stuffs.

I've slept a lot in the past two weeks. Checked my mail, checked friendster. Updated my various .plans, though I don't really know what an actual .plan file should be like. Like this one from the creator of Winamp. By the way, Justin Frankel has resigned from Nullsoft. For those of you who don't know, Nullsoft is the company created by Justin Frankel to create Winamp. At around 1999, It was bought by AOL Time Warner for a rumored US$100 million, and the condition that Justin works for Nullsoft until a certain date marked on the contract. More details here.

I've decided to beef up on social marketing before doing any Linux hacking; I would need an actual Linux system for that, anyway. I know, I could just grab a Knoppix CD to do that, and I do plan to do that sometime soon, as soon as I have the money to go to Depok and buy one.

I've also browsed friendster and stuffs, and discovered a writer named Paulo Coelho. How did I discover Paulo Coelho in friendster, you ask? Why from a Bulletin Board post, of course:) I plan on downloading at least one book by him from Kazaa, either The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, or The Manual of the Warrior of Light. I don't need Veronika Wants to Die; I've experienced its most important episodes in my own life. And no, I don't wanna die, thank you. At least currently:) I want to graduate, get a job, and make lots of money:DD

And since this is supposed to be a sort of State of the Union address, the Union being myself, I should fill you guys in on what I've been doing this past month or so. So, where do I begin?

As you must be able to deduce from my post several days ago, I'd been involved in a campus team participating in an international advertising competition called InterAd. At the time of that writing, I was at home preparing to complete a plans book, the plansbook to be sent to IAA for judging. And just yesterday I heard news from my friend that the entry deadline had been pushed back, so that we really had more time -- that is our team had more time -- than we had thought.

In between the ruckus, I had also fallen in love, had disappointed, had felt myself unworthy, and fell out of love again. No, details are NOT available, I'm not going down that road again:) Of course I should never have mentioned any of this in the first place if I have decided to 'not go down that road again.':D

And there was a time when I[...] suddenly called, or rather emailed, out of the blue, after almost a year of no meaningful contact. Of course who was avoiding whom is very open to argument, but the contact is still surprising more than not. If you are a personal friend of mine and know I[..]s full name, you can imagine the laugh I had when I realised that I have just received an email from I[...]. Ha. Ha. Ha. :p And in case you're reading this I[...], as I have outlined in earlier entries, no hard feelings, m'kay:) And I'd never thought that you would actualy -gasp- get your own email address:p

Anyway, on with the symbolic freakshow. There was one more happening important enough to warrant a mention. A friend of mine broke up recently. She never mentioned it, and I don't have the heart to actualy ask her in person, but I inferred it from a blog entry of hers. It kinda hit me, especially with the other tales happening to me these past few days. But its all good though. She knows what she's doing and he knows what he's doing, and they know each other well enough after these years to know what each other needs. And it was nice to hear from her, especially when she sounds at least kinda fine. Wherever she may be:) She knows who I'm talking about:D

And that's it. The long answer to how I am today. I'm allright, thanks for asking, see you in campus, I'll be in touch:)


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