Entry: By God, I just downloaded Knoppix!!! 4/30/2004

Yep, that's right folks. Right from the website. All 700 megabytes. All night. Almost six and a half hours. Man....

I just burned the CD. Let's just hope that the image's good. Wow....

I've got Knoppix.


This may not seem like much to you westeners and broadband-owners out there, but believe me it was a pretty gnarly experience for me. A whole CD downloaded all night. Wow.

Like, wow.

Fifteen thousand rupiahs. Plus eight thousand to burn it to CD. You gotta love free software. Especially when you download it yourself. Wow.

I searched Digital Corner. Ratu Plaza. Mal Puri Indah. None of the pirated-software vendors have it. If you want it in Indonesia, you gotta download it yourself off the net. But I guess I did fail to check Mangga Dua; maybe they have it. But then again, maybe they don't. Heh.

Whatever, man. I got Linux! Wow....


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