Entry: Jakarta Flood, February 2005 2/3/2007

Well apparently it is a five-year cycle, this big flood of Jakarta. I live in the West Jakarta area, and water just hit the first floor of my house. Its about a centimeter high down there. Its still drizzling. Everyone's still dry though, here in the second floor.

I'm tired but I can't quite sleep, afraid that the water may rise higher. Five years ago the water was about five centimeters high (more or less 2 inches). I don't want it to rise higher this year, but that is not up to me.

The 'Net is a bit skittish tonight, but at least I've still got a connection. People are still stuck within the heart of Jakarta. I'll update with photographs tomorrow, when everyone's awake and I can ask my sister where she kept the camera's USB cable. Hope this posts...


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