Entry: the sacred bridge message 2/18/2007

I want to use the Internet to spread the Sacred Bridge message.


What is the Sacred Bridge message? So far what I've learned is that Indonesia has and identity of its own, and that we've got to do something to enrich this identity; that we as a culture cannot afford to keep borrowing from other nations and keep wondering off in a hundred different directions never really going anywhere. I'm sure its deeper than this, and I am determined to learn. I can't begin to spread the message until I understand the message itself.

I've got to actually become a part of Sacred Bridge. Know everyone involved with Sacred Bridge, both in the office and those "bounded solely by moral obligation" (ie. our team of experts).

As for spreading the message, I was kinda thinking of getting the blogging world talking about Sacred Bridge. But building actuall real-life human relations is more important. Both should be inter-relating.


And that's what I've got so far.

(and I'm posting this as is knowing full well this essay could be better since I'm not gonna make this essay any better in the little Internet time I have and its more important to get these thoughts to germinate somewhere first than to make them coherent, since coherency comes with time)


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