Entry: btw sbf 3/10/2007

Btw I'm thinking of quitting the Sacred Bridge; but the backup plan I thought I had in place is not fully functional. I have informed the Authoritiesy, and I have till Monday to come up with a solution.

A rough sitrep analysis by said Authority and me grounds the underlying problem upon the Nias Culture's lack of loyalty.

Authority assumes that said lack of loyalty is inherent, though IMHO it is only a recent, modern development (this opinion I kept to myself, since I have no verifiable data to support it).

I wish I could stay without impunity; I appreciate the Bridge's idealistic dreams. I wish my backup plan would give me a clue; you offer me 200% pay to betray my loyalty, yet you leave me floating on a sea of....



(I wonder, how many people on Earth can parse this particular blog post?)

(yelling 'help!' at Englishmen in Swahili)


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