Entry: my life without me (a spontaneous oral review) 3/10/2007

So like I was just finished watching "My Life Without Me" which had been playing in Metro TV, and my brother asked, "was the film good?" He had been browsing the web upstairs (from this very computer that I am now typing on).

I answered, something to the effect of, "yes, it was very good. Its about this... girl, who is living in a... disadvantageous economic situation, with two kids and a husband, and she's living in a trailer park and she is, like dying from cancer. And so she like, makes these tapes that she records, like for example for her two baby girls that she intends to give to them, or have her doctor give them to her girls, one for each birthday. She makes these tapes for everyone around her. Her family. And close friends. She doesn't tell them that she's dying and can't be cured.

"She is like, not exactly regretting that she is going to die real soon, but she's not positive and pretending to be this "superwoman" that is strong and is going to get through all this all right. Its not like she would not love to be able to live longer, to see her girls grow up, to see her Mom happy, and her husband find a better job, too. But she refuses to have the last moments of her life be a total drag, too. She doesn't want to be a burden, an excessive burden, on her family either since she can imagine the costs of her medication, the hospitalization, all those things that, as she sees it, can't possibly cure her either and would just make her family miserable.

"The film makes... the film's tone and manner is what you'd call "real life", in that all shot was taken as though hand held (and I really suspect that they actually were), so like they were always moving just ever so slightly and is tilted just so very slightly, as though the camera wobles as like in a home made video. And the dialogue, I mean they were... at least written as though they were spontaneous though they were probably written beforehand, but they really seem spontaneous and you can actually believe that these characters would speak just like that if you would encounter them in these situations in real life. It just makes the movie seem more... honestly real and alive.

"And so yeah, I guess I really liked the movie."

Although I didn't actually saw it from the beggining. For those familiar with the movie, I actually began watching it from the part when Anne was in the night club with the Hairdresser (I was actually going downstairs intending to get a glass of cold water down my throat; my sister was watching), when I saw a glimpse of the movie and sat down and didn't get off my chair until a few moments ago when I finished talking to my brother, went upstairs and started typing this blog post.

I'm gonna buy the DVD as soon as I have bought my new DVD writer.


Its a nice movie that I'm glad to watch considering the situation that I'm in, since it kinda has these neat 'lessons' about life, love, death, family n' stuffs and is just... uplifting in a non-mushy way and it....

But I'm still in the situation I'm in. (See the post below).


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