Entry: BP called 4/6/2007

Originally written April 2nd, 2007; two days before the interview. Beware that this blogpost is uncensored; there are statements here that shouldn't be said. But IMHO if the Sacred Bridge is to be honest about its moral mission then nothing should be hidden...

And so here I am. Tommorow I go to an interview with BP Indonesia. I've already stated that I'm not gonna leave the Sacred Bridge until the end of May, and even then I need certainty by the beginning of May. Both to my Boss, and now to BP.

Leaving the Sacred Bridge feels like a cop out. Like I've given up without even fighting. I'm even entertaining the thought of letting BP pass.

It wasn't quite expected, the call yesterday from Anggi of BP Indonesia. After three months I thought they'd already selected another candidate. I mean, fluent English writers are a dime a dozen nowadays. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I can't possibly be the best. But perhaps I am the best that's still looking for a pay of more than minimum wage.

I've told everyone at the office of the interview. Haven't told my boss yet, though. I'm planning on telling him after the interview.

I sure do hope the interview goes well...


I'm typing this using the company laptop. 12:53 PM 4/3/2007. At Tedz's former desk, behind Yo_Ieka's former desk. I'm the only one left in this room.

There's the ASEAN thing. A big opportunity. I've gotta follow it up, contact the Program Head, clear up some schedules, etc. We could make a deep positive impact throughout South East Asia, provided we plan thoroughly and execute carefully. A big thanks to Dipogila; we're commited to bringing your org along in this ride.

The website is not doing well. We've got domain name problems. Apparently our old ISP still hold legal rights over it. They asked US$160 for it. We were even planning to pay them that much, provided that we have in writing that our domain would be ours after that. They won't even give us that.

Rhythm Salad©[1] is... in limbo. Our various plans are just that, plans. And not an executable one at that. Not even in writing. Logically it should be like, we should make events like the one at Tornado, just local musicians holding a jam session and having fun, exploring the Indonesian identity through music.

At least the two DVDs are on schedule. Cutting it close, but still on schedule. Those two DVDs are our current source of income. It feels like living on edge here... like the org could crumble at any time if we don't do something. But I digress; I have absolutely no idea how the SBF is doing financially.


As far as I can tell, the hard logic in my tale is this: my potential income from either the SBF or BP is at the very least comparable, if we take into account the fact that income through budget bonus could potentially be large, and said potential is very real. But monthly income at the SBF is pegged at bare daily needs, with little to no possibility of making any savings. While income from BP is pegged at a relatively larger monthly nominal, with a much better chance of setting aside some mothly savings. A steady, predictable income.

If we're just looking at monthly salaries, BP wins hands down. But if we're talking potential income, with bonus considerations, SBF could be much bigger. But BP is more predictable. More stable. More pragmatic.

But that's just talking about income. We haven't talked about mission yet.


Originally posted as a comment to Mimi Hitam:

Life is not worth living if you're not alive...

If you're not actually living it, breathing it, dedicating your heart to the fullest in its purpose.

Your life is as precious as you want it to be. Noone else can tell you how much.


[1]Rhythm Salad is copyright ©2006-2007 Sacred Bridge Foundation. Just so you know.


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