Entry: frustration, love and the Flamenco Harp 5/12/2007

From the Meditation Photography blog, some thoughts concerning love and the Virginia Tech killings:

What kind of person may be so angry to Kill 32 persons mercilessly?What kind of Person might be so frustrated to take lives of known and unknown people?

Don’t bother to answer the above, however do answer the following

What have you done to make sure that your son is not the next killer? How much you know about frustrations of your son or daughter? What makes you think you are not making your kid angry?

Remember that every kid is born as an immense potential but the way he has been brought up results in what he turns out to be.

Love is most important ingredient in your child growth. Not vitamins not proteins , definitely not cheeseburgers but Love is the most important ingredient in your child’s growth. If your kid is not loved and he in turn is not able to love; then I promise you that he has already potential to be a killer; need not be with gun but with his behavior and attitude and in his relationships.

Link to Suresh's Sufistic Meditation Photography blog found on the sidebar of The Clouds of Unknowing, a blog by Flamenco-Harpist DangerousAngel.


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