Entry: draw pictures of a better future for our nation 5/23/2007

Last week during a funeral my good buddy SaintNick gave me a heads up that his place is looking for a graphics designer. He asked for a portfolio, which I sent his way two days ago.

Yesterday he called and said that the company wanted me to come to work ASAP, so since I'm still working for the Sacred Bridge Foundation I unfortunately can't fulfill the call.

Makes me wonder, should I stick around here and decrease my chance at recruitment, when I've already confirmed my intention towards the SBF as but a mere stepping stone on my long term career?

But the thing is, I haven't decided to leave the SBF yet. Especially since there's so much going on here at the SBF and like... let's just say the SBF does not need any trouble right now.

I've had several opportunities to tell the Boss straight that I want to leave. Somehow I just... can't...


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