Entry: SBF: leaving to focus 7/28/2007

And its official: I'm leaving the Sacred Bridge!

Damn it feels great that I finally have a clear direction in front of me. I had a little chit-chat with Pak Ranno, assesed my working habits, accepted his trust in my capabilities, and the needs of the Foundation, and together came to the conclusion that although it is possible for me to become organized enough to be a capable communications officer, the Foundation has spent too much time waiting for improvement in my part. Six months at a job is a personal record for me, and one (of the many) advices he gives to me is that I cannot last long at any job unless I get myself more organized in thought. A key component on getting one's mind organized is: focus.

Honestly I do find it sad and really disheartening that I am not organized enough (yet) to be useful to the Sacred Bridge as its Communications Head (my own assessment, which Pak Rano agrees with); but I would be sadder still if I find one day that the Sacred Bridge has a ruined (human, personell, inter-organization) structure due to my incompetent handling of the communications mess. Besides, I'm not really a Communications Officer at heart.

So here I am, officially looking for a replacement, hoping precariously that I will find one before its too late. I will publish a full job description/offer in this here blog reall soon, as time permits.

Oh and to Friends and Prospective Employers at a local Online Media Consultant that have interviewed me for a content writing position: if you're reading this, I just want it to be clear that I'm not leaving the Sacred Bridge because of your job offer; I know that I'm still being considered in comparison with other candidates, and I fully understand that it is (currently) not certain that I will get the content writing job.

But yes, I do hope that I get the job ^_^"

But what if I don't? Then I brush up my writing and keep looking for opportunities to improve it. I'll look for organisations for which the quality, character and speed of my writing is adequate enough that they're willing to give me adequate compensation.

For now I'm a writer. Not the best in the world yet, but I am a writer.


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