Entry: persons 9/21/2004

A person died a few days ago. A conductor. I hardly knew him. I do wish I did.

. . . .

A few days after my dad died, a few years ago back in high school, I returned to school. A few friends uttered their condolences. In response I told them, "Thanks, but its okay. I know your words are just formalities. Thanks anyway." I guess I said that because I thought experiences as personal as these are always very personal. Noone really knows what a loss means to a person.

And in this short time that I've set aside this morning, as I would try to say something, I can't really think of anything.

. . . .

Except maybe just to say that for what its worth, Pak Prab, you have changed a lot of lives, sir. You have put faith in the talents of persons whose talents have been doubted. And you have pushed persons into creating art; persons who doubt they could create art. And with faith you have lead persons to push art into greatness. And I thank you.


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