Entry: button/mark 9/22/2004

Oooohh... goodie, gooodie!

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the good people at the Open Source Initiative (OSI) [opensource.org], especially Russell Nelson and Steve Mallett, for letting me create this button for them:

Open Source promotional button

As quoted in the link above, please link this graphic to the Open Source Definition.

I used the GIMP [gimp.org] to create it (you can download the Windows version from here), using base images from OSI's image bank. To my fellow CG artists: this is a great way to try out Open Source CG apps, since its so easy to get bored of new tools if you don't have any project to use them on. So, how 'bout it, 'No?

Oh, and thanks again:)

Postscript (12/11.04): It suddenly occured to me: Russ, Steve, how did you discover my full name? I mean the only place I can think of where its posted online is at....


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