Entry: get wired (cd) 10/28/2004

In between my short and hurried speed reading sessions on the Web:

Consider downloading The Wired CD [blogs.law.harvard.edu], the first (I think) widely distributed music CD licensed under a creative commons license, featuring works from (among others) the Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

Or at least download it on November 9th, along with Firefox 1.0. Of course you can always look the album up on Kazza or Morpheous; its perfectly legal. For this CD anyway.

You can read a description of the music in the CD here [wired.com] and here [creativecommons.org]. And you can always google for better written reviews. I don't feel like writing my own (yet); I haven't even listened to it yet.

Oh and as for why I have not been publishing lately: my brother took away our family's modem about three days ago because our phone bill passed the Rp 1 million mark (again) :0). My brother's paying for the family's phone bill nowadays.

I'm downloading from Darmanet Margonda, by the way. So I'm paying for my download. At least with a part of my life savings, anyway. Actually the money my mom set aside for my education, that is. Hehe:0)


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