Entry: iron will 11/3/2004

This morning I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't play computer games anymore until I've graduated; I went to my PC to blog up the fact and the moment my Windows desktop came up I double-clicked on the Neverwinter Nights icon.

So here I am after playing for about four hours (short by my standards), stopping because Mom asked me to pick up my sister at school, which (as usual) I interpreted as now but (as usual) Mom actually meant in an hour. But the other more significant (real) reason I stopped is because I fell kinda tired of dying so many times in Charwood forest with my level 9 lawfull-good human monk.

And now after writing this I want to begin playing again immediately. But I think I'll just upload this first. My brother decided to pull the modem out of hiding, but I'm still traumatized in using it (see my last entry). I try to go online only for uploading and downloading small data such as this blog entry and my emails, spending at most about five minutes at a time. When I gotta go online longer I'll do it at my campus WarNets.

I have one and a half weeks to complete my graduation final work paper or I'll be dropped out. I've written nothing and I don't feel worried at all.


November 12, 2004   10:26 PM PST
Pertanyaan yang sama sering banget keluar dari temen2 gue. Kenapa ya kita pede bener seolah merasa nggak perlu gelar? Ampe diomelin gara-gara seolah gue sama sekali nggak peduli sama perasaan mereka.

Kalo gue sih kadang gue mikirnya emang karena gue udah terlalu biasa cuek sama akibat jangka panjang, wong jangka pendek aja udah t@3 banget:p

Gue sih sekarang ya udah, kejar tanggal 13 Desember sebisanya, nulis apa aja seadanya. Dan kalo gue ketiduran trus deadline lewat ya sudah. Kalo temen-temen, keluarga, nyokap sewot ya sudah; istilahnya berani jual berani beli, lempar batu nggak sembunyi tangan. Nyari kerja?... tau deh....
November 12, 2004   01:34 AM PST
kok sama ya fer?
tapi gw sih "gak ada ultimatum DO"
dan gw juga gak ada perasaan khawatir soal kelulusan..
kadang² justru yg jadi pikiran.. kok gw gak merasa khawatir ya?

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