Entry: Web crawler 2/6/2004

Today I had an adventure in cyberspace. I started my other (defunct) blog at blogspot.com. Then while editing there I tried to get their template editing faq by browsing blogger.com. After that I browsed its help section (help.blogger.com) and read What to do if your Mom discovers your blog.... One topic in there talked about how to prevent Google from indexing your web page by telling its web-crawler to keep away using robots.txt Now web-crawlers -- which should be called robots according to their programmers -- are interesting programs which goes around the Web looking for web sites. This is a simplification which can be clarified by looking at the above links.

Over there in 'dem robots website is a database of currently active robots. Looking at the list of names, the second one was Acme.spider which was made by... ACME Laboratories!! The labs don't really have much to do with the Looney Tunes or Warner Bros. Studios, but its interesting isn't it to discover that ACME Labs actually exist and that it creates lots of neat stuffs like the ACME Heart Maker (perfect for valentine -- it is, after all, February), which has a link to the church sign generator and will.work.forfood.org.

Now going back a bit, the Church Sign Generator has a link to the Mucho Sucko Generator list, and one generator I noticed was the Anarchy Cookbook Generator, which also has an explanation of what the Anarchy Cookbook really is, which links to a more thorough explanation of Anarchy, which in turn has a link to a pretty complete anarchy FAQ; an idea that is NOT neccesarily anti-order, and definitely NOT pro-violence, but more accurately anti-authority (at least the oppresive type).

A good quote I found among these pages was made by Leo Tolstoy, the Russian novelist. Tolstoy wrote "The anarchists are right in the assertion that, without Authority, there could not be worse violence than that of Authority under existing conditions."

I mean, look at our (or my, depending on your nationality) impossible nation-state of Indonesia:)


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