Entry: Munir by Stallman, live on the Web 11/22/2004

Can't believe I picked this up from Richard Stallman's blog first. Damn.

Actually, at first I thought the link he provided was bogus until I googled for amsterdam prosecutor's office munir and discovered an article from laksamana.net, which was verified by that first article in Kompas dated last Saturday. Which simply meant that I was just behind current news.

Yeah well, we've all got our own priorities, right?

Oh yeah, all those articles pointed to an allegation that former KONTRAS activist Munir, who died earlier this year, died of arsenic poisoning with strong hints of foul play. As to who is responsible, I don't like to point fingers without firm evidence. I strongly doubt government involvement, though. But of course that could be just naïve me talking.

And to think that RMS actually speaks Indonesian...


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