Entry: its not just in Phuket and Lhoksemaue, you know... 12/26/2004

USGS: Asian Quake 5th Largest Since 1900 [yahoo! news]

Most accounts on the Web focuses on the damages at Phuket, Thailand. Coverage of Indonesian damage as far as I can find mostly focuses on Lhoksemaue, Aceh (granted its closest to the epicenter). But according to relatives living at my parents' home island of Nias, a small island to the north of Nias called Sirombu disappeared.

Don't know if anyone died, but I overheard my Mom talking on the phone that even southern Teluk Dalam was affected. It might be deducable that the damage shouldn't be worse than in Lhoksemaue, but considering that only a single coaxial phone cable links phones from Nias's capital of Gunung Sitoli to Sibolga in nearby Northern Sumatera, and also that as far as I can remember Nias is the poorest second level territory (kabupaten tingkat II) in Indonesia, I'm not too sure if anything will be heard from Nias until someone actually goes there in person to find out...

I hope for the best nevertheless.

addendum: Oh, and to all that celebrates it, Merry Christmas:)

addendum 2: Okay, okay. It seems that originally most reporting actually looks at Srilanka. And that Sirombu is west of Nias. While Bahewa is south. So I haven't been to Nias in eight years. It was only a couple of hours after the event that I originally posted this blog. And I was rushing, okay :0)

It seems that international focus is starting to shift to Indonesia and Srilanka, but I must add that the quake effected several nations more or less equally including Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar and Malaysia. Total death toll so far is about 10.000, over 4.000 in Indonesia alone.

And I should be asleep. Its 3:25am and I'm having a Communications Ethics and Filosophy final test in about five hours. Talk about priorities, eh:)

addendum 3: For the avoidance of doubt (as can be confirmed by various media), the island of Sirombu has not disappeared, though the worldwide damage has mind-numbingly multiplied.


Visitor from Nias
January 14, 2005   01:21 PM PST
Check out this link with travel news from Nias.

Thankful that all survived.

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