Entry: the Wikipedia Tsunami phenomenon 12/29/2004

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake [wikipedia.org]

For those of you wondering where I've been the past five days, I'd just gotten a new addiction: Wikipedia.

I've added little tidbits, some in the wiki entries for 7-Zip, some in WinZip, some on the Wired CD, and some on Creative Commons.

But I guess the article I visit the most, and the article gaining the most attention nowadays, is the one on Monday's quake. Definitely a must read resource, with technical details, damage estimates, and links to donation web sites and pages. Some have even started an Indonesian version of the article, though te English version moves too fast for the Bahasa version to keep up. The English article has developed so large so quickly that they've (we've?) had to split the article into three; aside from the main page there's the donation page and the country damage and casualty list.

I guess the kicker is how great I felt to get involved. Just like Eben Moglen's Metaphorical Corollary to Faraday's Law on our need to innovate (read the section titled Because It's There: Faraday's Magnet and Human Creativity). "The feeling was exhilarating and addictive." Indeed.


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