Entry: here's some tips... 1/6/2005

In response to the blog entry So, yeah over at Ruli's Meditations, I've created this little writing entitled Coding Tips for Ruli's Meditations.

I had considered just emailing Ruli directly, but I guess this thing could be usefull for other bloggers as well. But as I considered posting the writing as a blog post I found it looking a bit too long and 'unruly' (no pun intended) to be posted as an ordinary entry. Thus I've decided you can either follow the link above or browse the inline frame below.

(if this text appears, that means your browser doesn't support the <object> tag properly)

To create the above inline-frame, I used the <object> tag. And no, 'No, I did not know this inline-framing technique when you asked me way back when. I only discovered it about a month ago while exploring WDG's guides (specifically here). There are offline versions available for those guides. Okay;)

addendum: don't forget to close the <object> tag to avoid headaches:) (eg. </object>)

addendum 2: that web page inside the in-line frame is my first document I've ever made that validates as W3C certified XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS. Not this blog though (at least not yet). One step at a time...


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