Entry: view re-view 1/9/2005

Here's some interesting tidbits from Wired magazine's monthly column in their print edition (also available online, of course), 'View' :

The first one I noticed (via Wired's RSS feed) is Lessig's little essay, 'They're Not Worthy'. Basically its MOTS from him, a repeat of his idea of copyright registration fee to allow uncommercial works to fall into the public domain. It was inspired by the expiration, on New Year's 2004, of the copyright terms (thus the release into the public domain) for a couple of old 50's music and television recordings in the 'States; an event which, Lessig notes, will not happen again until 2019.

When I read it I was thinking we should find out just exactly which songs and TV shows those are, and that we should download them pronto via P2P. Or failing that we should at least urge Ibibilio to pick them up.

The second is this little gem in the Trackback section :

Pardon Our Porn Link

In Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and today's Tempo sections, the comic strip Prickly City contains a Web address that links to a pornographic site. In a statement released Wednesday, the strip's provider, Universal Press Syndicate, explained that at the time the strip was filed, the address was "fictional and satirical" and led to an unregistered site. "Regrettably," the statement continued, "this URL now leads to an adult site." The syndicate added that it is "reviewing its policy of running fictional and unregistered URLs within its content."

From the Chicago Tribune, Corrections and Clarifications, October 21, 2004

You just gotta love web squatters (sic). I mean imagine little kids looking up the links in their browsers out of curiosity (sic²). I have an idea for a fictional hyperlink policy: fictional phone numbers begin with 555 right? As in 555-1234. How about fictional web sites ending in moc? Such as visit www.fictional.moc?

Yeah, you can like make it a root level domain, make it an international standard upheld by ICANN, and make any attempt to go to a dot-moc domain lead to an ICANN-maintained disclaimer site that says that all dot-moc sites are fictional! And it could stand for 'Mockery'! It wouldn't be just a reversal of .com! And, and, and....

Whatever, sorry for that little outburst :p Oh and Wired also featured an article on us Creative Commies (fellow copyfight bloggers, let's keep the ball rolling, shall we?). And its still not over yet:)

And I'm having my sidang TKA (graduation paper review) on the 14th. If I can clear up all my requirements by then, that is. Of course I can. I'll be graduating this February, no sweat:)


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