Entry: jumping all over the place over language semantics 1/9/2005

A friend of mine just started a new blog, Jumpalitan. Its a blog exclusively in Indonesian (some would say Bahasa Indonesia but I prefer Indonesian, more on that later). She started it feeling "saddened seeing us (Indonesians) actually prefering to write and express in English" (rough translation from her 1st entry), among other reasons. That's debatable, seeing that a lot of my friends also blog primarily (if not exclusively) in Indonesian, yet there is a tendency for the more serious ones to gravitate towards English. But there are exceptions, of course.

I personally find it a very enticing idea myself.

I had been entertaining the thought of starting a topical blog. In balance of this trashy mess you're reading here right now. My primary concern is choosing a topic that's important to Indonesia right now; either our education system (its the root of all our problems), Internet development (its a half-hearted rethoric right now), or issues of copyright reform (nobody talks about it since everyone pirates everything here). I had also more-or-less decided it should also be exclusively written in Indonesian, in order that a larger percentage of the target audience (fellow Indonesians) understand what I'm talking about.

Later, fERDI:), you're on a dead-line right now! 14, 14, 14, 14, I must keep reminding myself that its only SIX DAYS AWAY!!!! (God help me)

On a side note (as I promised earlier), I don't get why a lot of Indonesians, especially Indonesian authorities, keep insisting foreigners to refer to our language as Bahasa Indonesia. I mean, Internationally the language of China is Chinese, of Germany German, of Morocco Morrocan, of Saudi-Arabia Arabic, etc. I would like to venture a guess, though; its because authorities back in the olden ages refered to our native language as such, and I'm guessing that they don't wanna get embarrased by the mistake. And then everyone, including Indonesians, starts to follow suit.

And another thought: I would guess its time that we all start making a habit of marking foreign language bits in our blogs using <em> and </em> like this, seperti ini lho. Just to give acknowledgement that the words are in a different language.

And on the useless reminders dept.: yeah, sorry:) But hey! I can say whatever I want! Its my blog!


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