Entry: linking perks 1/16/2005

Linking our very own hypertext to any resource with an URI is as simple as typing a few words. If it exists on the Web, anybody can acces it (barring technological barriers such as Public Key Encryption, HTTPS and such whatnots). Linking is the Web's essence; threads link together ebbing connections on a grand scale. Individual writing becomes a part of something bigger. The web is a conversation.

Web pages link to each other. If they don't then they aren't a web.

And so we get to the issue at hand where a faction of fellow bloggers decree it necessary that permission be acquired before linking to their personal creations, while others claim it uneccesary and censorious to require such requirements. Being somewhat "eastern" I see the wisdom in such permissions but upon understanding "liberty" I see the wisdom in free, permissionless linking. I use all these terms loosely, please interpret them as you see fit.

Thus with that twisted logic I declare that I shall link to whomever I want wherever I want. But if you want me to stop linking to you, then just tell me and I'll comply to the best of my ability, if it seems appropriate for me to not link to you. I will attempt to contact site owners of blogs I link to, but I will not make it a priority. So let's converse, shall we? I feel it more important to get the message out first than to worry about silly willy nillies like permission culture.

Jadi kakak-kakak, mohon maaf ya kalau saya link:)

note: BoingBoing has a nice linking policy.


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