Entry: re-Vision grunting 1/16/2005

Help I have a thousand ideas but I don't know how to form them academically.

FOSS support through KPLI as a 'taxi-pool'-like system, coordinated by corporate Linuxindo.

Firefox as a social trend branded as 'cool'. That's why we choose to market Firefox instead of OpenOffice. Its harder to brand typing papers cool than it is to brand websurfing cool.

Firefox as a bridge-app between Windows and Linux/GNU/FreeBSD/whatnot-free-and-open-source platform. The Fox lives in all of them.

Media usage in trendy teen videogame mags. Focus on how cool it is to surf with the Fox. 'Coolness of the Fox' as the main product benefit; aside from other technological marvels like tab-browsing and extensions which are (un)fortunately not the sole domain of the Fox.

I've got two days to go. I'll still make it yet.


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