Entry: Anand and Larry at the CES (with a cameo by Bill) 1/17/2005

Check it out dudes, Anand Lal Shimpi meets Larry Page at the CES.

Anand is the creator of AnandTech (one of the oldest independent tech e-zine, another one being Tom's Hardware), while Larry Page is one of the two co-founders of Google [you don't need a hyperlink to Google, do you? Oh well, for the sake of completeness here it is]. Picked this one up from Anand's own blog. Totally cool encounter story between two famous tech geeks.

The CES [Google search], or Consumer Electronics Show, is a tradeshow event held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Don't know much about it other than that it has recently replaced the Comdex [Google search] (Computer and Digital Expo, if I'm not mistaken) in popularity, and that both of them has been where important tech companies and peoples gathered to talk about the future of Personal Computing and Digital Consumer Electronics in general. Other notable occurences at this year's CES are the Bill Gates CNet interview I covered earlier in this blog. Then there's also the unveiling of the Mac-mini [from Ars Technica], the actual rumored entry-level headless Macintosh from Apple Corp., in a small form factor, complete with MacOS-X 10.3, priced from US$499. And also...

Also this series of Bill Gates's interview with Gizmodo [from Gizmodo]. In one part of these interviews, Gates clarifies his position on 'Creative Commonism'. Picked up this one from another Lessig Blog post (again).

Of the people I just mentioned, Anand has a blog. Larry too but I can't recall the URI right now, though there is the Google blog (I think its also edited by Sergey Brin, the other Google co-founder). Bill Gates mentioned wanting to make one in his CNet interview, one he hopes to update once a month at most.

He should, that Mr. Gates person. It should shed some light to the twistedness of people's opinion of him. He can't be as absolutely evil as everyone is painting him to be. As much as a lot of Microsoft's actions seem to be.


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